R3 awarded EOD Leadership Continuum contract

U.S. Navy Explosive Orndance Disposal Group One logoR3 was awarded a 5-year contract for EOD Leadership Continuum at the EOD Fleet concentration areas of San Diego and Norfolk.  The scope includes refinement of course curriculum through the capture and sharing of lessons learned and inputs and guidance from NECC, EODGRU ONE and TWO, and through the recommendations of the EODLC and Curriculum Management Working Groups. R3 will coordinate, schedule, and manage the delivery of Leadership Continuum courses as well as collect and analyze EOD Leadership Continuum course attendee demographic data and attendee and instructor critique/feedback information to include course content, scheduling and course presentation.  We will record and deliver metrics and recommendations on EOD Leadership Continuum course participants, lecturers/facilitators, and course schedule.

Earl Strom, EODGRU TWO Program Manager POC stated:  “R3 is pleased to be reselected for this critical requirement.  Training our future leaders is the essence of preparing the force for all future conflicts.  We fully integrate the EOD Leadership Continuum in alignment with the Chief of Naval Operations’ Navy Leader Development Framework while ensuring the nuances of leading within the EOD and Diving communities are also addressed.”