Marines honored at Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial, R3 Sponsors

27 May 2024 – R3 proudly sponsored the Mt Soledad National Veterans Memorial ceremony honoring the 3rd Battalion 5th Marines “Darkhorse” unit from the Battle of Sangin, Helmand Province, Afghanistan in 2010-11.  Sangin is considered to have been the bloodiest battleground in our war in Afghanistan with several brutal ambush and IED attacks.  R3 Senior EOD Instructor Andrew Barnes was a Marine EOD Team Leader in support of 3/5 at the time.  Pictured from left: Kevin Brown, Mark Zambon, Andrew Barnes, Mark Sanders. Barnes served as a Marine EOD Team Leader supporting 3/5 during the battle.Andrew Barnes and Mark Zambon recount the deployment with Major General Jason Morris, former Bn CO of 3/5, and in command at the time of the battle.