Month: December 2022

R3 proudly supports The Honor Foundation

Pictured L-R:  Kathy Leming (THF Senior Director of Marketing & Communications); Mark Sanders (R3 President); Jessica Hunt (THF Director of Impact, West); Tod Neal (R3 Project Manager and THF graduate); Brad Rosenak (R3 ExMCM Subject Matter Expert and THF graduate); Hillary Hays (THF Director of People-San Diego); and Hugh-Michael Higgs (THF Director of Programs-San Diego).

R3 is proud to support The Honor Foundation and presented a donation to members of THF’s San Diego leadership team.  With many THF alumni/graduates joining R3, we truly benefit from their transition mentorship programs.  By creating an institution specifically designed to serve the U.S. Special Operations Forces, THF has been a well-defined career transition program from the beginning. Every aspect of their program has been inspired by the way Special Operators work in the field and focuses on key transitional readiness themes isolated through extensive research and feedback to assist the cohort members to navigate the transition to civilian life after military service.