R3 Hosts 20-Year VSW MCM Reunion

VSW MCM Test Det and Det Plankowners

R3 was proud to host the 20 year reunion of the Very Shallow Water (VSW) Mine Countermeasures (MCM) Test Detachment.  This special mission unit was formed in 1996 as a collection of Navy SEALs, Navy EOD Operators, Marine Force Reconnaissance Divers, and Navy Marine Mammal Systems (Dolphins) to develop the tactics, techniques and procedures for clandestine, low-visible, pre-assault mine and obstacle clearance in advance of an amphibious operation.

NSCT ONE Plankowners

The test detachment was ultimately a success, leading to the establishment of a Commander-Command commissioned unit in Naval Special Clearance Team (NSCT) ONE in 2002.

In 2003, NSCT ONE deployed as Navy Underwater Mine Countermeasures (UMCM) Commander for Operation Iraqi Freedom, leading the UMCM effort to clear Um Quasar Iraq.  NSCT ONE subsequently evolved into EODMU ONE in 2007 and continues to support VSW and UMCM missions today.

VSW MCM Supoprt Personnel
Australian Clearance Diving Team (AUSCDT) Flag and Respect to CD