R3 awarded EOD Leadership Continuum contract via Seaport

September 29, 2015. R3 was awarded a four-year prime contract through Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk to support the EOD Leadership Continuum program for Navy Expeditionary Combat Command’s (NECC) EOD Groups ONE and TWO.

Our support will help the Navy EOD community institutionalize a professional military development and leadership process that adequately prepares Junior and Mid-grade Officer and Enlisted personnel to effectively lead and manage EOD Forces during combat and non-combat operations.

The EODLC is envisioned as a series of four training courses, Phases I-IV.

To ensure successful program implementation, R3 is tasked to provide continued assistance in facilitating courses, processing student feedback, and identifying strengths and weaknesses of the course material to continually improve the existing curriculum.

Our support will also determine training capability gaps, make recommendations to correct deficiencies and update training materials to create a performance-based leadership and professional development program that prepares EOD Force personnel to more effectively lead and manage the full spectrum of Navy EOD and diving missions.