R3 Attends Mt. Soledad 3rd Annual Women’s History Brunch


In tribute to National Women’s History Month, R3 team members proudly attended the 3rd Annual Mt. Soledad Women’s History Brunch, highlighting the illustrious 234-year legacy of the United States Coast Guard’s unwavering service. LCDR Holley Shaffner, USCG (Ret), was honored for her exceptional contributions.

Featuring a stirring keynote by CMDR Ellen M. Motoi, Deputy Sector Commander of San Diego, the event offered profound insights into the pivotal role of women in the military and their enduring impact on our nation’s history.

At R3, we staunchly champion initiatives that celebrate and empower women. Keanna Spencer, Human Resources Manager, reflected on the event, stating, “Participating in the Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial brunch was an inspiring experience. Honoring the past and present military service of women, it provided a captivating opportunity to network across generations—from World War II to present-day servicewomen. I’m privileged to be part of R3, an organization that truly values and acknowledges women’s invaluable contributions to the military.”

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial for providing a platform to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary women who have served our country with distinction.