R3 secures MESF professional training and readiness support contract

EOD, HSTL, Expeditionary, Navy, C-IEDR3, a leading provider of specialized training solutions, was recently awarded a prestigious $5.4 million contract to deliver professional training and readiness support for the Maritime Expeditionary Security Force (MESF). A geographically dispersed team of experts from diverse warfighting backgrounds will provide seasoned support to Maritime Expeditionary Security Group ONE and TWO and their respective Training and Evaluation Units for the next three years.

The R3 team will develop and deliver a variety of policy, process, and procedure documents the MESF will use to generate and sustain readiness for major combat operations.

Edan Antoine, R3’s Program Manager at R3, expressed his enthusiasm for this significant achievement, stating, “We are proud of the significant accomplishments the R3 team has made for the MESF. The project team has partnered with numerous bi-coastal working groups over the years to lead and solution complex and challenging initiatives focused on training and readiness. The team is energized to keep the momentum going for the next three as the MESF goes through dynamic Force Design changes within the active duty and reserve component units of action. R3 has been proud of the high level of engagements we have had with the MESF leadership and staff and is excited to continue our support for the next three years.”

R3’s continuous support to the MESF for the past seven years, during dynamic organizational changes from the Coastal Riverine Force to the MESF, solidified the award of this professional support services contract.