R3 Sponsors Mt. Soledad’s 2nd Annual Women’s History Brunch

R3 is proud to be a corporate sponsor of the Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial 2nd Annual Women’s History Brunch honoring women in military service. The event will be held at the Mount Soledad National Veterans Memorial on March 23, 2023. The Guest of Honor for the 2nd Annual Women’s History Brunch is WWII Marine Corps Veteran Randy Tidmore. She will be presented a Veteran Honor Plaque and celebrate her 101st Birthday!

At last year’s inaugural event, Memorial Association program manager Jennifer Givens, a Navy veteran and the granddaughter of a World War II and Korean War veteran.

“Women have served in every major war in American history. In the Revolutionary War, you had women that dressed as men to serve, you had women that served as nurses, women that followed their husbands into combat and picked up arms when need be. So before women could vote or have any rights as citizens, they served this nation. We have always served, whether we had the right to or not.”

Today, she said, “women are advancing and able to fill almost every role in the military. … Women are just as important as their male counterparts.”

About Mt. Soledad National Veterans MemorialMt. Soledad Veterans Memorial, A United States National Memorial is not federally funded and is maintained by Mt Soledad Memorial Association Inc. which is supported solely thru Memberships, Donations, and Plaque sales.