R3 awarded EXU-1 support contract

R3 was awarded a five-year prime contract through Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Research Triangle Park, NC to provide Expeditionary Exploitation Unit ONE (EXU-1) Global Operational and Program Institutionalization Support.

R3 will conduct technical investigations, conduct experimentation, provide COCOM and headquarters (HQ) specific intelligence and programmatic support, provide operational support, workforce development support and acquisition and logistics support to Expeditionary Exploitation Unit ONE (EXU-1) and its CEXC & FMA platoons as well as its Advanced Exploitation Capability (AEC).

Our team will assess and develop Maritime Weapons Technical Intelligence (WTI)/Attack the Network (AtN) strategies enhancing rapid acquisition processes; assess current and planned capabilities and identify deficiencies; characterize operational deficiencies and identify emerging material technologies best suited to support maritime WTI and AtN missions