R3 sponsors Memorial Surfboard at Auction to Benefit EOD Warrior Foundation

R3 is a proud supporter of the EOD Warrior Foundation, and it was an honor to be a IMG_1417sponsor of the EOD Memorial weekend events again this year. Additionally, each year R3 sponsors a Memorial Surfboard project donation to raise money at the EOD Auction.

This 9’0″ custom longboard is a collaborative project organized by Ken Martin with board shaping by Jody Miller of Pathway Surfboards and artwork by Jody Miller and Crystal Hays of Gulf Coast Professional Tattoo. Both live in Panama City Beach, FL.

This year’s artwork is a tribute to the WWII “pin-up” girl artwork and in this case “bomb girl” artwork. The Bomb represents the dangers the EOD Warriors face.

The pin-up representsbomb board 3 the loved ones who have their EOD Technicians in their hearts and minds as they are deployed saving lives; longing for their safe return. The flag gently drapes the girl showing a parallel to the many heroes we have brought home draped in flags and placed their names on the EOD Memorial Wall. The well known saying “Fire in the hole,” is yelled three times to warn of a forthcoming detonation.





Crystal Hays drew the initial sketch of the lady and Jody did all the airbrushing. Although it is amazing work, he wasn’t completely satisfied and is already looking forward to and planning for next year’s board.


Thank you for supporting the EOD Warrior Foundation! See you in the surf!