“Those Who Know”- a Tribute by R3’s Ken Martin

Those Who Know

EOD PoemFew know a hero’s heart,
whose quiet sacrifices saved countless souls.
Most obsess through shallow lives, numb to silent gifts bestowed by those who serve. Blessed one is to have walked with others duty called: those who serve when others won’t, who lead when others don’t,
Those who stand when others run,
who fall so others may live:
Those who know sacrifice,
and for a brother their lives will give.
During the darkest hour and on “the long walk,”
the truest nature of one’s core is revealed.
No doubt even to those you have never met
and greater still among brothers who you have led,
and leaders with whom you’ve served
that within you beats a true warrior’s hear.

From Your Brother: Ken Martin
Explosive Ordnance Disposal
LCDR (ret.), USN

Ken Martin retired from the US Navy after more than 23 years of service as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician.  He composed the previous tribute in honor of all the EOD Warriors past and present who have served and continue to serve selflessly, on the occasion of being selected for Master Chief.  We hope Ken’s words resonate within the EOD Community.