R3 Sponsors EOD Memorial Weekend Events

eod-surfboardR3 is a proud supporter of the EOD Warrior Foundation, and it was an honor to be a sponsor of the EOD Memorial weekend events again this year. Additionally, each year R3 sponsors a Memorial Surfboard project donation to raise money at the EOD Auction.

This 8’8” custom-made artwork was shaped by Jody Miller of Panama City, Florida. The artwork was a collaborative effort between Jody Miller and Crystal Hays of Panama City Beach, FL. For the last three years, Jody and Crystal, a local tattoo artist, have collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind surfboard to honor EOD Warriors and to help raise money for the EOD Warrior Foundation.

R3’s Ken Martin, a retired Navy EOD Officer living in Panama City, is lucky enough to know these two talented people and helps with the overall theme and concept each year. When asked about the concept behind the design, Ken said, “We decided to do a long board this year. The flag was inspired originally by a waving flag tattoo with the names of all EOD Mobile Unit Eleven Fallen that Crystal designed and tattooed on the back of my leg.”

eod-surfboard-2“Jody pushed his airbrush skill beyond his known abilities and felt the power and inspiration of the great sacrifices of all our fallen warriors while he worked; the artwork is like nothing I have ever seen on any board. Crystal has an amazing way of capturing the intricate details of the EOD insignia; each one is unique and expressive.”

Ken added, “Thank you for supporting the EOD Warrior Foundation! See you in the surf!”