A-T Solutions visits R3

CEO and COO of A-T Solutions visit R3 Office in Coronado, CA
From left to right: Randy Packard (R3), Dennis Kelly, Jeff Simons, Mark Sanders (R3), Clark Nichols (R3)

R3 hosted Dennis Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, and Jeff Simons, Chief Operating Officer, of A-T Solutions at our Coronado, CA office. A-T Solutions is a leading anti- and counter-terrorism company that R3 works closely with to provide solutions for numerous customers across counter-IED and EOD areas. A-T Solutions has unique expertise in training to support warfighters, state and local first responders, and law enforcement professionals in detecting and defeating improvised explosive devices.

A-T Solutions has more than 500 employees, who have supported more than 200 government customers in more than 40 countries with training, intelligence, technology and mission solutions that protect people, infrastructure and nations from terrorist threats.